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Financial Planning Advice in Lincolnshire

Midas Independent Financial Planning Ltd (Midas IFP) specialises in providing information, guidance and advice for investments, taxation and later life planning. The portfolio of clients has been built by providing individual financial plans which reflect the needs of clients for now and the future. Each plan is tailored from meetings designed to capture all the information required to formulate sound but flexible investment plans.

Located in Lincolnshire the company, although regulated directly by the Financial Conduct Authority, is an independent financial advising business (IFA) which currently manages in excess of £27 Million of client investments.

Providing a high level of personal service is a key company objective and therefore the number of clients managed at any given time is carefully controlled.

So What is a Financial Plan?

An ongoing process which helps you make informed decisions about your finances, be that cash or assets, which can help you achieve your future objectives.

It will reaffirm your understanding of the various assets that you may hold and ensure that these are appropriate to your objectives. For example, some unit trust investments may perform better over a longer period of time compared to some investment bonds which may have a shorter maturity period.

Most plans will include an amount of cash designed to protect you from future unseen expenses arising and provide liquidity and therefore instant access.  Although the real value is eroded by inflation there is no risk to the capital, unlike investing in Shares or Unit Trusts, which can put your invested capital at risk.

Balancing these and other elements is therefore essential because it reflects individual needs and attitudes to the level of risk that is acceptable. 

Example of Financial Planning Elements

Investing in property is also an available option for growth and income but there are other considerations which need to be taken into account. The cost of insurance and maintenance together with the location and type of property all form part of the considerations. Good tenants may also be difficult to find!

However a financial plan need not be complex or complicated. It should be designed to ensure a spread of risk is incorporated in order to provide the best opportunity of achieving a good financial performance. Most importantly it is not all about buying financial products such as ISAs or Investment Bonds. It’s about putting you in control of your finances rather than your finances controlling you.

Providing Advice - Our Process

Help us to understand your personal circumstances, financial arrangements and record current information about you.

Understanding your finances and testing these against your personal objectives will enable us to assess current financial performance.

Now we start to explore alternative investment options to better match your financial objectives

Time to prepare your personal plan including any product recommendations and costs.

Circumstances change so we need to establish and agree a review format and frequency.

Why Use A Financial Adviser?

When was the last time you reviewed your financial objectives or looked at the performance of existing investments?

Did you use a qualified adviser or make the decisions yourself?

Savings and Investment Portfolios

Our investment strategy is to out-perform the average index of achievement in each market sector.

Balancing risk and returns has proved to be a sound practice for building wealth and retirement planning.

Later Life Provision

Selling the family home or raising funds for care as we get older are difficult decisions and any professional advice requires an understanding and sympathtic approach.

We work with you and relevant services to develop financial plans appropriate at this important time of your life.

Tax Planning and Advice

Distribution of your hard earned wealth requires careful planning.

We will ensure that any financial plan makes provision for taxation and that you have a proper understanding of these complex matters.

Mr Tait always maintains a proper professional relationship in his business dealings and neither of us certainly, would have any hesitation in recommending him to any of our friends or third parties seeking financial advice.
I & B Burrows

I have a long standing relationship with Midas, due to their continued successful management of my finances and their personal approach over the years.
M Wilkinson
Regular visits and full discussions of the relevant financial markets take place; any changes to investments are arranged as necessary, to 'hone' the overall portfolio for the best and safest outcome. This continuity gives me reassurance and peace of mind.