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Why Use An Independent Financial Advisor?

If you have existing savings or investments, you have probably collected these over the years and your wealth maybe spread across different assets such as; Cash, National Savings, Bonds, Shares and Collectives.

When was the last time you reviewed these assets as to how they are performing?
Do you know if they are they meeting your original financial objectives?

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are my financial objectives and why should I consider a financial plan?
  • How much investment risk should I take?
  • What about the taxation implications?
  • Income, Growth or both?
  • How do I choose from the vast number of investment options available in the market place?
  • Can my investments be changed?
  • Do I understand how my money is invested?
  • Can I get my money back if something goes wrong?
  • Where do I start?
Image of a pile of books with a man holding a small blackboard with the word "Help" on it to represent a call for needing a financial adviser

Why Seek Financial Advice?

Whilst some people prefer to look after their own investments, many do not. You do not need substantial net worth in order to benefit from the services of a financial advisor. A professional adviser not only understands complex markets but also has access to a wide range of products and tools that are not available to individuals.

As an independent financial advisory business, Midas IFP, who are regulated directly by the Financial Conduct Authority, are not tied to any organisation where individual products only can be recommended.  This is very different to Bank or Building Society Advisers who are tied to specific company products and services.

Any investments recommended by us will be selected from the whole market place which ensures that “best advice” is provided at at all times.

Our Process for Providing Advice to You

Getting To Know You

Image of Midas IFP Director Steve Tait looking down at a document with a potential client who has been looking for a financial adviser in her local area

Before we can provide you with any advice we need to understand about you, your family and your aspirations for the future. You may only have one need for advice at present, but we need to consider the bigger picture to ensure that solving one problem does not cause another.

In our initial discussions we will establish a plan of action that is appropriate. For new clients a first meeting or discussion, at our cost, will allow us to fully assess and understand your personal circumstances.

Understanding your current financial position helps us establish issues that are important to you.
The information provided is confidential and used only by us to design an appropriate proposal to meet your objectives. Meetings can be arranged either at your home or at a place of your choosing.

Review Existing Finances

Picture of fingers pointing at figures on a sheet of paper during a financial review

How you hold any existing investments will give an indication to which products you understand and how you feel about risk. We will also provide a full explanation of these should this be required.

We will look at the performance of the underlying managed funds and compare this against relevant industry benchmarks. The costs of managing these investments are important to know because if these can be reduced you will benefit from greater returns. Exit penalties and any taxation implications are also important to consider before looking at any alternatives.

Do your existing investments match your current needs? Whilst these may have been suitable when you invested, changes to investment managers, costs, legislation and taxation may mean that they are now failing to meet your objectives.

Identify Opportunities

Image of four glass jars with increasing numbers of coins in them and small grass shoots growing to depict growth of a financial portfolio

Where changes are needed due to marketplace opportunities or poorer than expected results these will be discussed in detail before any recommendations are made. At all times we will ensure that you fully understand our approach and it’s implications and explaining this clearly is a key part of our service.

Recommend A Financial Plan

Image of jigsaw pieces with various words on each piece to illustrate how a financial plan is put together

Having got to know about you and your existing investments we will research the whole marketplace in order to consider if there is a better way to reach your objectives. Sometimes only small changes may be needed, however in solving one issue it can cause others, like taxation liabilities that need to be overcome. This can result in a more comprehensive plan being implemented over several tax years in order to reduce the taxation burden.


We will devise a planning strategy for both now and the future to better address your needs. This will take into consideration issues such as;

  • Your personal situation
  • Your objectives
  • Your existing investments
  • Security of your capital
  • Taxation
  • Will you outlive your investments
  • Flexibility of life and objectives change
  • Legal implications of managing your money – (Power of Attorney)
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We will deliver this in a written report for you and your family, if appropriate, before putting any recommendations into place. The report will provide all the regulatory information you need to know along with associated costs in establishing your plan.

We recognise the importance of explaining investments in plain english and take pride and time to help you understand them. We endeavour to reduce and simplify your administration and will help to reduce your historic record keeping that is no longer required.

Ongoing Reviews

Image of overlapping speech bubbles with year number on each bubble to illustrate that financial reviews are undertaken annually

We will agree with you the need and frequency of your regular reviews, this includes issues that change annually, such as taxation and investment returns, which will be taken into account in agreeing the frequency.

Having chosen us as your preferred Financial Adviser, you will develop more trust in our personal service through these regular reviews but in addition will have the ability to discuss any issues as they arise. You can be assured that your wealth is being proactively managed at all times, not just on a once a year basis.

"Caring about You and Your Money"