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Savings and Investment Advice

If you have cash in the bank, building society or national savings it is important that the best returns are obtained whilst retaining flexibility of access.

Although it is essential to have funds readily available to meet any planned expenditure and unforeseen emergencies, the returns on these savings may not provide results better than inflation.

Whilst incorporating an element of safety into any savings and investment portfolio, wealth that is invested in more diverse assets such as shares, collective funds or property, need to be providing returns that reflect the risk being taken.

A spread of cash across a number of savings vehicles can maximise your returns whilst minimising risk to the capital. Government Bonds, Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) Fixed Rate Bonds and high interest building society accounts are examples of some options.

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Our recommendations will reflect your individual needs whether it be growth, income, accessability and security whilst addressing any taxation issues that may arise.

Investment Planning

If you have a capital sum of £150k or more to invest either from cash savings or from an inheritance, we can provide independent advice that will help you make the right decisions about a financial plan for now and the future. This should set out your investment objectives and what type of savings and investments may be suitable for achieving them. It will also take into account the timescales, your attitude to risk, tax position and current financial situation.

In our face-to-face discussions we will help you to work through these areas in order to begin to formulate your plan. It is important to be able to establish what level of returns you may need from your investments and what you may reasonably expect.

Spreading your money across different asset classes and a variety of investment products helps to reduce the risk of your portfolio underperforming.

A further consideration in formulating a plan is to consider key issues such as the cost of managing your investments. If you are only earning low returns of 4-5% per year on your investments, the effect of management charges has a significant impact. There are big differences in cost between various fund managers and many of these are not clearly identified or evident. Some funds consistently under perform because of high charges. A focussed approach to minimise these costs is a vital part of our process.

Combining these elements into a robust financial plan requires thorough research and an understanding of the financial marketplace, together with the expertise to explain the consequences of our recommendations.

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